1 on 1 and buddy training

1 on 1 training is a great way to focus on your individual needs and goals. It can also set a great foundation for your own training by bringing new ideas and inspiration to life.

We offer intelligent but simple training that will benefit many aspects of your life. So whether you want to develop a specific sport skill, minimize injury or simply become a stronger, fitter and happier human being, we would love to be part of your journey and assist in your evolution!

If you know a few like-minded mates with similar fitness levels, semi private sessions are a great way to build confidence, get social and gain solid encouragement and support from friends.

Please call or email us for more info on this and do have a look at the package pricing options on the right hand side of this page.


We are licensed fitness permit holders for The Royal Parks and train at two lovely locations in Bushy Park, both with easy access. Should your goals require it, we can also coach you indoors at a friendly and well equipped strength and conditioning studio nearby.

Training frequency

This is up to your goals, your own motivation, schedule and budget, BUT we do recommend you see us 1-2 times per week minimum, especially in the initial stages. Our training is not designed to make you reliant on us, rather the other way round. We focus on teaching you effective ways to train solo or with mates and to make informed choices about the way you train and how to optimise the food you eat.

Personal coaching

All our personal sessions are 50 mins to 1hr depending on your requirements



Price Validity
PAYG £60 One off session
4 sessions £220 5 weeks
8 sessions £420 5 weeks
12 sessions £600 5 weeks

Buddy pricing



Buddy 3+ Validity
PAYG £35 each £30 each One off
4 sessions £120 each £80 each 5 weeks

Apart from the pricing charts you can see on this page, we offer tailored packages that combine a mix of personal and group training sessions together with nutritional planning and program design. Please call or email us for more info.