our philosophy

Health and fitness is not about going to the gym.

It’s not about dropping dress sizes, spot reducing bingo wings, building big guns or getting 6 pack abs.

It’s about waking up and feeling vital, lifting everyday objects and feeling strong and capable, being relaxed and rested enough to manage physical and mental challenges and having a strong enough metabolism to enjoy and benefit from hearty, nourishing food.

At The Naked Trainer we aim to strip away the fitness fads and vain, empty promises and focus on this bigger picture. The advice we provide on balanced living, stress management and power eating, is informed, realistic and gimmick free.

The training we offer encourages people to push their individual boundaries and discover their body’s potential. Workouts are challenging there’s no denying it, but they also aim to be empowering, intuitive and rewarding.

Naked training is always designed for a real world reason and is about functional strength, agility and speed in movement above all else.