Joanne Rubin

Joanne Rubin

“I was initially introduced to the Naked Trainer by a mutual friend. I was a regular exerciser, doing both strength training and cardio classes at the gym.

Due to some problems in my personal life, I had become unmotivated and bored with my exercise regime and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was intrigued to go along because it was completely different to what I had been doing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was hooked from the first session. I love being outdoors and each workout is different – no telling what we’ll be doing each session. There is no chance of getting bored! It’s a great group of people to train with and everyone is supportive of one another. It is a perfect combination of tough (10 more burpees!) and warm (you are doing SO well!).

As a result I am stronger and much more flexible and most importantly, exercising has become fun again. Plus I’ve also lost a stone in weight.

Thanks Penny, Gerry, and fellow Naked Trainers!”

Graham Barton

Graham Barton

“I must say I’m absolutely loving it; you guys are making such a difference and the group is such an inspiration – ordinary people who are just, well… fit.

I know I need patience and perseverance to get up there with them (how do the ladies manage to natter throughout?) but what a great target.

Cheers, Graham!”

Brendan Snook

Brendan Snook

“I have tried and failed at the gym on many occasions. The environment at naked trainer has changed all that. I am enjoying it and succeeding.

It’s not just the fact that Gerry and Penny care about our development, but also the great group of people that you train with.

I started out just trying to improve my fitness a little but have ended up striving to better my health in all ways. Thanks for the support guys and it’s a pleasure to work out with such a fantastic selection of people who I now consider friends.”

Leon Littler

Leon Littler

“Having lifted weights and run for over 20 years, I have picked up several niggling injuries, I originally started using Naked Trainer as a way to strengthen my core & joints to improve my weight training. After 3 months interrupted training my strength and fitness have improved dramatically. So much so that I now use their classes as my main training method. The classes are hard but enjoyable & always varied with friendly & encouraging instructors. I thoroughly recommend Gerry & Penny’s classes to anyone!!”

Stephanie Blake – of Stephanie Blake Massage

Stephanie Blake

“For the last sixteen years the one place you could always find me was the gym. The only exception to this, where training is concerned, is when I have a marathon approaching and then I make the effort to pound the streets to get the mileage in…”

Lorna – Gym Director of The Little Gym, Hampton

Lorna, Little Gym

“Since meeting The Naked Trainers in February 2012, I’ve been excited to train each week, be constantly challenged and have seen fantastic results. When we turn up to the sessions, there’s no guessing what we’ll be doing and that’s what I love most…”