Fun and games to end 2015

Whilst it was a little muddy, the naked trainers made the most of the unusually warm weather at the end of 2015.  We had some really great sessions in December that focussed on human interaction and team work.  We used bodyweight partner drills to provide resistance to each other and teamed up against other naked trainers to get an amount of reps, exercises and tasks done as a team.  Balancing on one of the large logs in Bushy Park whilst your partner ran out to complete their reps was harder than we first thought.  Piggy backs and wheel barrow races in muddy conditions also proved tough.

The beauty of these type of sessions is that we used the elements, our surroundings and each other to work hard and still have fun in a group and team environment.

More of this will come in 2016 and we hope to mix individual goals and achievements with those we reach as a team.