Joanne Rubin

“I was initially introduced to the Naked Trainer by a mutual friend. I was a regular exerciser, doing both strength training and cardio classes at the gym.

Due to some problems in my personal life, I had become unmotivated and bored with my exercise regime and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I was intrigued to go along because it was completely different to what I had been doing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was hooked from the first session. I love being outdoors and each workout is different – no telling what we’ll be doing each session. There is no chance of getting bored! It’s a great group of people to train with and everyone is supportive of one another. It is a perfect combination of tough (10 more burpees!) and warm (you are doing SO well!).

As a result I am stronger and much more flexible and most importantly, exercising has become fun again. Plus I’ve also lost a stone in weight.

Thanks Penny, Gerry, and fellow Naked Trainers!”